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Primo Vespere. This is the name of the venetian sextet that came to life in 2009, as a hobby of three friends: Davide Lazzarini, Davide Russo and Giacomo Berton. It was nothing but a moment to leave the usual teenage routine, to vent emotions and to develop a great common passion: Metal music.

Thus, starting to look for musicians between the friends from Venice, a first line-up took shape with Stefano Marri at the guitar, and then a more stable one was reached, together with Marco Pedrali and Dario Alessi. At the end of summer, guitarist Marco Peplis, from singer Davide Lazzarini's old punk band Revolution Chaos (which had split up a few months earlier) joined Primo Vespere. Unfortunately this line-up didn't last very long, because of musical divergences between the members: bassist Davide Russo wanted to leave in order to play American Death Metal with the first guitarist Dario Alessi, in a new band founded by them, Sadistic Sacrament. But a significant instrumental gap was left in Primo Vespere, partially filled only when the great friend of Marco Pedrali Gyan Ganesha proposed as the new bassist. It's important to underline that Marco Pedrali initially joined as guitarist, for a few months, but then decided to cover the role of keyboardist, which was closer to his piano studies at the conservatory Conservatorio Benedetto Marcello of Venice.

Primo Vespere was reborn in mid 2010, approaching to a formally more accurate writing scheme and a more experimental compositional model, and participating to various local concerts.
Despite this premise, line-up problems were not solved yet: because of both musical and personal disagreements, Gyan Ganesha and Marco Peplis left the band, in correspondence to the arrival of the long-awaited lead guitarist Enrico Ruberti, double bass student (and earlier a bassoon student) from the conservatory Conservatorio Benedetto Marcello of Venice. After only a few concerts, Enrico found himself in a damaged, nearly split-up band. Fortunately, between summer and autumn of 2011, Davide managed to make his friend Jacopo Abbruscato (from the Black Metal band Moloch) join as bassist, and Enrico hired Mattia Camozzi, lead guitarist in his previous Thrash Metal band Holy Hate. From this new line-up, the members obtained better results than they had expected: they began the writing of new songs and they felt always more united in a personal musical direction, rather than the classical Death Metal sound.

In December 2011, Primo Vespere recorded Crushed Instability, a self-produced EP containing five songs that, after the official release in May 2012, were noticed by the small label Moonlight Records, which proposed to produce the band's first full-length. Daylight Fading was nothing but the conclusion of a matured work. Collecting all songs written until that period, from the various line-ups, and readapted for the occasion, the album is a mixture of stylistic evolutions and ideas that the band had been introducing since its birth until that moment. Crushed Instability symbolized the victory on the band's line-up precariousness, while Daylight Fading presented the group for what it was and what it used to be. An emblem of the ideas the members wanted to express, the concept of "primo vespere" translated in English.

After the release of the first album, during summer 2013, Primo Vespere began immediately to experiment the expressive possibilities of the genre with even more tenaciousness, working on the material that had been started during the Daylight Fading recordings. After a short presentation of the album in northern Italy, Jacopo Abbruscato decided to leave the band in order to play Black Metal with the newborn Catechon (founded by the old Moloch vocalist), while Giacomo Berton, after five years of activity and the co-foundation of the band, chose to dedicate to the study of Chemistry.

At the same time of this great shock, Moonlight Records broke many contracts, including Primo Vespere's one, for internal problems. These contracts were absorbed by the young Nemeton Records, italo-irish label under Moonlight Records, but specialized in Folk Metal. Between the other bands in the label there are some of the gems of the Italian Underground Metal scene: Ulvedharr, Vallorch, Kanseil and Artaius.

Fortunately, even this period of crisis came to an end, in the first place with the arrival of Carlos Branagan, Progressive Metal bassist already active with the Hard Rock band Black Lotus, and then with the entry of Carlo Ceron, from the Sludge Metal band Moth.

The venetian sestet is currently working on new songs, with the purpose to evolve the style even more and to surprise the audience.




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